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GCBP Training for Sponsors and CROs

Take CRPN's GCBP Training Today

  • GCBP Training Access

    Access to current modules, quizzes, and certificates.
    • Created by CRPN and members for industry.
    • Clear expectations needed to foster site partnerships.
    • Detailed and inquisitive quizzes.
    • Certificate (may be reissued annually or upon request).
    • Continuously updated as an industry platform.

Clinical research sites have experienced substantial negligence and broken promises from their sponsor and CRO collaborators. Trust is broken between organizations and professional frustrations are rising.

It is time to establish transparent and clear site expectations for our sponsor and CRO collaborators.


CRPN is proudly creating Good Clinical Business Practice (GCBP). GCBP training is the industry's first educational opportunity for sponsors and CROs that is designed to understand the proper way to collaborate with clinical sites. Sites have an opportunity to communicate appropriate expectations. Sponsors and CROs have an opportunity to show sites their commitment to responsible partnerships. Successful completion of GCBP training results in an improved PACT score and justification for reduced negotiated rates.

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