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CRPN serves clinical sites to ensure they have everything they need to perform quality clinical research - when they need it.

A great divide between healthcare and research industries lies in financial misinterpretation. Most of the healthcare industry does not speak the research industry's language of fixed contracts, legal agreements, and invoices. Rather, healthcare more readily understands adjusted fee schedules, insurance claims, and payer mixes. Consequently, new generations of physicians are discouraged from researching and clinical sites are closing permanently due to catastrophic financial dysfunction.

The Clinical Research Payment Network (CRPN) offers a financial solution that translates clinical research environments into business practices that are routinely accepted by the healthcare industry. As a result, CRPN empowers physicians and clinical sites to perform research without the current financial stresses of the industry. Our streamlined financial models also allow sponsors and CROs to focus on the proper management and quality of trials in lieu of cumbersome financial obstacles.


CRPN will empower efficient translational research by aligning the clinical research industry's financial compensation models with the needs of healthcare environments. Together, CRPN, its partners, and its members will bridge the financial gaps between research and healthcare environments, improve current and future patient care, and advance medicine as safely and efficiently as possible.  


CRPN’s concept was founded by Dr. Daniel Fox, who as a Director of Clinical Research with global pharmaceutical development experience, observed significant financial disparities between the clinical research industry and a healthcare environment. If we can resolve our industries' financial differences, sites no longer have to develop and maintain tailored clinical research billing systems, physicians will be paid timely and remain motivated to participate as active investigators, sponsors will execute, perform, and complete research in record time, and innovative therapies will ultimately translate to patient care with greater efficiency and quality. 


CRPN’s executive team comprises years of experience in managed care, clinical research, and demonstrated leadership:

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Dr. Daniel Fox is a translational scientist with almost 20 years of scientific experience and over 15 years of  administrative leadership experience ranging from small biotech startups to global pharmaceutical program management. Daniel has successfully led and administered research operations in academic, industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, sponsor, and clinical research site environments. He is also the co-founder, president, and current CRO of a 501(c)(3) autism nonprofit association.

Daniel holds a Masters Degree in Public Health and PhD in pharmacology and neuroscience from Southern Illinois University. He served as a manager and auditor at a military site during his post-doctoral studies to assess the safety and efficacy of pharmacological otoprotectants in drill sargent trainees. Following his post-doctoral studies, Daniel traveled to the east coast to manage small biotech development, ventured to the west cost to work in pharmaceutical manufacturing at the global manufacturing organization Catalent, and finally returned to the midwest where he administered clinical trials for the second largest multi-specialty clinic in the state. Daniel resigned as a director of research at a single site to focus full time on developing CRPN as the industry standard for clinical research business compliance, accountability, and professionalism.   

Daniel Fox, MPH, PhD
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CRPN was founded to serve our community. We proudly work to ensure our mission continues.

CRPN is a proud member of the Save Our Sites Alliance. Together, sites, sponsors, and vendors alike can come together, talk about our challenges, and do something accomplish positive and progressive change in our industry. Join SOS across social media and at its conferences today. 

CRPN is honored to partner with Imagebloom to bring our site partners the best possible patient recruitment and advertisement experience our industry can offer. Together, we are working throughout the industry to bring sites, sponsors, and patients optimal advertising experiences for positive, productive, and efficient trial performance.

CRPN proudly supports - The Clinical Research Software company that puts you, the site, in control.'s novel clinical research technology partners with research sites and sources new ideas directly from research industry practitioners. Contact the team today.

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Dr. Fox is a proud member of Innovate in What You Do's Subject Matter Expert Network. IIWYD empoewrs Pharma, BioTech, and Clinical Research companies to be their best, and CRPN is honored to serve our industry to help them translate technologies to our patients as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. 

CRPN partners with Yendou to offer our clinical site network an optimal study startup and feasibility experience. Yendou's global platform is designed to accelerate medical advancement by delivering clinical trials to physicians and patients, universally, as soon as possible. Visit the website and register today to revolutionize your business development strategies. 

CRPN is honored to partner with MedVector to offer our sites and the patients we serve an optimal clinical research experience. We all know a local specialist that should be referring patients to clinical trials, but isn't. medVector's site utility engages these local physicians and encourages referrals to trial PIs via remote and virtual solutions. Contact the team today or visit their website to learn more about how MedVector is expanding patient access beyond clinical trial sites.  

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CRPN is a proud and active member of the Society for Clinical Research sites. Together, we can voice our concerns and accomplish progressive change in the clinical research industry. 

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CRPN is officially certified as an Autism Conscious Environment by Innovation Autism. We are a proud support of neurodiversity and work to build our business environments around all our community's needs.

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