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Site Services

CRPN is dedicated to you, the clinical research site, to create a financial environment that you can understand and one that is considerate of your specific needs. Our mission bridges the financial gaps between research and healthcare environments to improve current and future patient care and advance medicine as safely and efficiently as possible.


We are dedicated to serving sites and ensuring they have the necessary resources when they are needed to perform research, protecting them from unnecessary financial burdens that compromise research quality, and improving the industry's continuity of care for patients.

After all, sites are the direct connections to our patients and CRPN will be there to ensure they are poised for success.

Join CRPN’s clinical site network today to access industry-standard negotiations that will alleviate your administrative and financial burdens.

Clinical Site Negotiations

We have all experienced it: Sponsor and CRO negotiators offer a budget they claim meets Fair Market Value (FMV), however it is does not fully fund the research. How can this be FMV if it doesn't pay the bills? How do they expect sites to perform quality research on such a stringent budget? Where can sites find help to fight these underfunded budgets?


You are not alone. CRPN offers in-network clinical sites negotiation services to ensure that site partners will always have an option to access the resources they need to perform high-quality research. We are here to serve the site's needs and, together, we will make sure our site partners have what they need to to succeed. 

Revenue Realization

The clinical research industry makes it easy for sites to leave behind revenue within the contexts of complex contractual agreements and payment terms. Let CRPN perform a thorough review on your current contractual load to identify any missing revenue opportunities. Most sites who are not actively monitoring contractual terms vs. clinical activities will see an average gain of approximately 30%.

Under Construction

Once CRPN has fully grown into it's potential, it will offer a seamless financial management program for clinical sites, sponsors, and CROs to ensure fast, reliable, and accurate industry research.


Interested in CRPN's services and how it may help strengthen your site's financial longevity? Click on the button below and contact us for more information.

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