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Sponsor/CRO Services

Sponsors and CROs have invested billions of dollars to improve research and alleviate rising costs only to find a research industry that is dwindling with fewer interested participating investigators and a healthcare industry that has grown to mistrust a research industry. 

CRPN is here to serve you, the CRO and the Sponsor, to ensure your responsibilities in research may focus solely on quality research performance and delivery of technologies from the research bench to a patient’s bedside.

Coming Soon

CRPN is currently growing a network of clinical research sites that will help to streamline clinical trial processes. Once established, we will offer Sponsors and CROs an opportunities to achieve fast and efficient clinical research. Follow CRPN on social media to stay informed of our progress.

Under Construction

Once CRPN has fully grown into it's potential, it will offer a seamless financial management program for clinical sites, sponsors, and CROs to ensure fast, reliable, and accurate industry research.


Interested in piloting CRPN's program or providing feedback from a Sponsor or CRO's perspective? Click on the button below to contact CRPN for more information.

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